Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Sucks...

Well, first of all this does suck. Why does it always snow on a weekend??? And why is it snowing so darn much, don't they know this is Maryland?? Secondly, Quinn is sick...again!!! He woke up all snotty and has been sleeping on and off and just being low energy all day long. He didn't get into any trouble at all today, he is obviously not feeling well. The only excitement/energy he showed all day was when the counting DVD starting counting shoes, I guess he thought they looked yummy, LOL! Oh well, he doesn't seem to have a fever and while his appetite isn't huge he is eating a decent amount.

Speaking of watching TV, Cooper apparently thinks the new pickle commercial where the pickle snaps so loud it scares the cat is hilarious! I love it when he laughs appropriately, it is so normal :) On that note, I forced Matt to watch a chick flick with me tonight but I only did it because it was about Autism. Yup, I found another autistic love story. It is new on DVD and called "Adam", it was a good movie. The guy actually had Aspergers but close enough.