Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Quinn has a raging sinus infection. When I went into his room this morning to get him I couldn't even see his mouth because there was so much dried up snot! It was horrible, so I had no choice but to go get the warm washcloth and desperately try to get that crap off of his poor face. He hates that! He fought me hard and unfortunately a bit of skin came off with the snot :( I had to go back and rinse the washcloth before I could finish and when I came back into his room he had completely covered himself with his blanket, I think he was trying to hide from me!!! Oy! Anyway I went to the drugstore today to get him some antibiotics and while I was waiting I saw these wipes made specially for babies called "Boogie Wipes", they claim to help dissolve "boogies" so I bought them.....we will see.

Cooper had a slightly better day today and really hung in there with his ABA therapist. I was considering sending him to school tomorrow, but I highly doubt there will actually be school tomorrow. Today was Cooper's IEP, sigh. I sincerely hope then when my mother in law finally retires and no longer works for the school district she can start coming with me and being on my side with these things. Even when it is easy it is still pretty darn stressful!!!

So apparently Cooper becomes a completely different child when he goes to school. It was pretty unanimous that Cooper has a really hard time focusing. Excuse me??? Cooper is the most focused three year old in the world most of the time! Also, he is not showing off his new "Hi/Bye" skills at school at all...sigh. And when I tried to tell all the people in the room all the things he can do at home they just kind of looked at me like "Poor Mrs. Banta, she can't accept that her child is severely delayed." Uggg! But they did add the goal of Cooper answering "Yes/No" questions and typical peers will be brought into his classroom twice a week for 15 minutes at a time. This is fine since they said he threw a fit when they tried to take him over to the typical classroom. I did not appreciate the typical classrooms teacher's obvious distaste for this arrangement but that is not my problem. Cooper's teacher promised that while the typical kids are there one of the aides will be with Cooper to help encourage social interaction so I was happy with that too. I wish Cooper could just loosen up and be himself at school, but maybe that will get a little better with time. I hope!!!