Friday, November 27, 2009

Poor Cooper, he never seems to get a day off! Even though there was no school today he still had ABA therapy. He has a new therapist who is working out well, but only here until January. After that he better be getting yet another new therapist, I am so glad Cooper doesn't have issues with new people! Anyway, he really likes this therapist and is a lot less whiney with her than he was with his last one. He was saying lots of great things today for her and is breezing through the new folder tasks that he just got. I also showed her his Handwriting Without Tears wood letter set and suggested she do that with him. He has pretty much mastered that so I am going to have to figure out the next step.

Tonight he wanted to do it just for fun so I was working on it with him. I was trying to get him to ask for "more letters" between each letter. So I asked "What do you want Cooper?" and Cooper simply replied "D". I was confused at first but it was obvious, he had just done "C" so he wanted "D"! It was so cute and super smart, but I still made him say "more letters" :) Then to mix it up a little I was asking him to identify what the little picture on each letter card was. "G" had "gumballs" which he has no idea what they are, so he looked at it for a minute and then said "bubbles". Close enough for me. Then we got to "J" and the picture was of "jeans" so I asked him what it was, thinking to myself "what a stupid choice for J", and he said "pants". Well, he was very right, they were pants; and I was really impressed because that just proves that he isn't just regurgitating what he is taught, he really understands this stuff!!

Quinn had nothing to do today so he decided it would be fun to hit the button on our "Lucky Ducks" game over and over. In case you aren't familiar with that game it makes a lovely loud quacking sound when you push the button :) Oh well, I guess it is better than dumping crackers out onto the floor. He is such a good boy though, no matter how devilish he acts :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Silly Kids :)

I bought Cooper this robe because he loves his fleece from Old Navy so much.

He was thrilled!

And here is one of Quinn being a goofball. He loves sitting at the table and playing/snacking.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Very Special TV Show

It seems TLC is finally getting their act together, (maybe they have been busy with the whole Jon & Kate thing?) they put up a wonderful clip of "Truth be Told: I have a Child with Special Needs" that stars the amazing Miss Kennedy! You must go watch it and stay tuned for updates on when the entire show will air, I for one cannot wait! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Being sick has been great for Cooper! He has been talking up a storm for days now :) Today I was doing something important on my computer and he was trying to climb on my back so I told him to "wait", he thought that was funny and starting saying "wait" over and over as he continued to climb on me. Then later I was tickling him and I always say "tickle, tickle", but today when I stopped he looked up at me and said "tickle"! Since the kids are both not feeling great we were watching lots of videos today. Cooper was watching Baby Signing Times and they were singing about Grandmas. He got all excited and said "Donna"! Which is awesome because one of his many grandmas is named Donna. And then he was reading one of Quinn's library books about Halloween and not being too gentle with it. I decided to give him his other Halloween book to try and distract him. He was super excited to have not one but two Halloween books and he started saying something in a very sing-songy manner. I listed very closely and realized he was actually saying "Trick or Treat"! Wow, that one really blew me away :)

Quinn seems to be feeling much better today. He ate well and was back to getting into everything. He did start falling apart near bedtime but maybe he was just tired.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The boys are both sick! Quinn is much worse off than Cooper at this point, but I suppose that could change any minute. Last night the boys both quickly became sick. Cooper fell asleep on the sofa (sitting up) at 3pm and didn't wake up until 6. Even then he wasn't really awake, he just sat at the table during dinner and didn't eat anything. Everytime I asked him if he was all done he would say "all done" and then not go anywhere. When I realized he was still sitting there after dinner was over I made Matt go carry him over to the sofa to cuddle...he didn't move the rest of the night. Quinn was just very whiney last night and not very hungry. We gave them both some Motrin and put them to bed.

I had already decided no school today. When I went in to get Cooper around 10 am he was just laying there on his bed looking sad. As I got him dressed he started saying something over and over, like he was asking a question. Turns out he was saying "Quinn"! I think he was asking where Quinn was because usually he watches him get on the bus every morning and today he slept through it. After some breakfast, some gatorade, and an ice pop Cooper was almost back to his usual self. Quinn on the other hand slept until 3 pm and even then I had to work a little to wake him up. He definately had a fever and was a total mess, but I forced him to eat some applesauce spiked with Motrin and drink a lot of gatorade. He was very excited to see his banana but he couldn't seem to eat it. It seemed like it hurt him and he got mad and threw it on the floor. Poor Baby! I put him on the sofa in front of the Wiggles and he was happy. He kept trying to stand up and dance but obviously it was too much for him and he would sit back down. Then after about 30 minutes his fever must have broken because he took off running around like nothing was wrong at all! Weird.

So we are surviving (for now anyway), there is no school on Friday so everyone is taking Thursday off to get healthy for the next week. Bye Bye, perfect attendence...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tonight Cooper was playing with his cash register on the sofa. Two of the coins rolled away and he immediately jumped up and said "Uh-oh, uh-oh!" It was great and soooo cute! Then later on Matt and I were downstairs taking care of Quinn and Cooper came into the playroom and looked at Matt and said "Daddy!" He is really starting to say some stuff without any prompting, it is so exciting!

Quinn bit his tongue tonight, poor baby. He has such sharp teeth that it is extremely painful and bloody when he does it. He looked like a little vampire with blood pouring out of his mouth, but he recovered pretty quickly. He has been really tired today, I hope he is alright. He brought home a certificate of excellence from school today...for perfect attendence! Can you believe it??? Considering his mother is the queen of bad attendence that is quite a feat! I guess we have been lucky with illness and sleeping, plus I just try really hard to send him everyday because he loves it so darn much.