Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Cooper: The Musical!

Cooper and his teacher Miss Jaime.

After the performance Cooper couldn't wait to go play.

He found one of his favorite toys!
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

We are having issues with Quinn keeping his shoes on when he is riding the bus home. He is constantly taking his shoes and socks off and it drives his bus aid crazy. I think that is why he does it, Quinn loves messing with people! It has become a problem though, any advice? I am so glad winter break is almost here!!! Besides that he is doing great, no complaints from his teacher. I let him watch the Wiggles in my room yesterday while we cuddled in bed. He thought that was neat, but not as neat as sitting in daddy's laundry basket :)

Cooper is so funny. Today I bought some Christmas window clings to decorate with. I was putting them up and he was really interested, so I started naming stuff for him. Tree, bear, know. Next thing I know he is pointing to the doll and saying "daddy"! What? What does Daddy have in common with a little blonde doll in a blue dress? Then I realized... Dad-dy...Dol-ly, and yesterday I swear he called Portia "daddy" twice..."Dog-gy". So I guess to Cooper any word that starts with a "D" and ends in a "Y" is Daddy. Can't wait to hear what his speech teacher has to say about this one.

Tommorow is the big Holiday Musical at his school. Hopefully I will have some video to share!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I watched Cooper's class for a while this morning. He is doing really great! Today was the first day he put the weather on the board all by himself, yay! For some reason Cooper doesn't like "weather time" but he seems to be over it. He also really liked the art project they did today, it involved lots of glitter and glue. Unfortunately for his teacher Cooper just couldn't help grabbing her nice white sweater with his glittery gluey hands. That's my Cooper. I also got a sneak peek at their routine for the holiday musical. All I know is that it involves bells!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We are going to try the CF/GF diet with both the boys starting in January. That means no gluten and no dairy. One of the biggest concerns I had was taking away Quinn's beloved baby oatmeal. No, oats don't naturally have gluten, but apparently because of how they are grown they are a no-no. Tonight we gave him rice cereal instead and held our breath. He loved it!! He even flapped his arms! We used to give him rice cereal when he was a baby but stopped because of his constipation issues, I think he missed it :) Now all I have to do is replace the milk in the cereal with rice milk, then we are good to go!

Two amazing things Cooper did today...

1) They sing a song about the alphabet at school everyday. Ah, ah, Apple, etc. His therapist said they were playing with letters this afternoon and he started singing it! He sang ah, ah, apple when he was looking at the A. Ba,ba, when he was looking at the B, and ku, ku, cookie, when he was looking at the C! All to the tune of the song of course. Way to go Cooper!

2) He was playing with his letter and numbers at home tonight. I looked over and he had lined up all of the numbers on the top of the sofa. They weren't in numerical order or anything, but on closer examination I realized that he had sorted all those numbers from a big pile of letters and numbers and there were no numbers left in the pile! Who knew Cooper could tell the difference between a letter and a number? Wow!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Tree Party

Cooper loved wearing the Santa hat!

Then Grandpop Bill tried to steal it.

Quinn playing with Kermit, his favorite toy at Grandma Donna's house.

Cooper loved playing with all the ornaments.
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Uncle Ian showing Cooper the tree.
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Monday, December 1, 2008

Dang! My kids are expensive! Today we went to see the orthodist and just as I thought, Quinn has outgrown his Sure Steps and needs a new pair. Sure Steps are expensive, sigh..... Quinn was actually very good at his appointment. The lady asked me to take his shoes, socks, and pants off so she could see his legs/feet at work. I did that and then told her that Quinn would be more than happy to walk every inch of her office so she could watch him walk. I was right. We watched Quinn walk into the bathroom, the break room, the two other exam rooms, and the billing office all just wearing a diaper. It was pretty funny, but I know my boy, and he loves to explore. She said he definately needs the Sure Steps, but that seemed to be the only issue. She spent at least 20 minutes measuring his feet and suprisingly he let her. He only moved when it tickled, but that is understandable. I picked out the "traffic" pattern with blue straps this time :) His old ones were dinosaurs with white straps. They should be here in the next couple of weeks, I hope he doesn't mind wearing them.

Cooper got picked up at school by Grandma Donna today. She brought chocolate chip cookies and a book for the ride. I hope he doesn't expect that kind of treatment from me!! His teacher said he said "out" today when he wanted to get out of his seat. Then this afternoon when I put him down for a nap he looked out the window and said clear as day, "rain". It was raining really hard! They do talk about the weather at school everyday, so maybe he knew what he was talking about. Maybe I am hearing things, who knows.