Friday, November 12, 2010

Great Things!

I just had to share all the great things Cooper has been doing lately. He is talking a lot more! He is using words without being prompted a lot. When he drinks everything in his cup or takes the cracker bag out of the box he will say "empty". When I cook something in the microwave, he points to it and says "microwave". He will sometimes just run around the house and lable things! When his pizza is too hot, he touches it and says "hot, too hot." I gave him a pickle the other day and he said "Yummy....Cold!" It goes on and on, he is just saying so many neat things!

They have been working on him with Big/Little in school, at home therapy, and speech therapy. Tonight he walked over to the side by side refridgerator, pointed to the fridge part and said "Big" then pointed to the freezer part and said "little"! Yup, our fridge is slightly bigger than our freezer side!

He totally shocked me today by pulling me over to the steps and saying "Go Potty"! I took him up and he sat happily on the potty, but didn't go :( Still, I am shocked he did that, we haven't even been working on potty training at all! Even when we were he never ever asked to go!

I give almost all the credit for this amazing progress to his new at home therapist. She is amazing, she is also always really late. It drives me nuts, but if she can make my baby talk I will put up with anything!!!