Thursday, December 18, 2008

We are having issues with Quinn keeping his shoes on when he is riding the bus home. He is constantly taking his shoes and socks off and it drives his bus aid crazy. I think that is why he does it, Quinn loves messing with people! It has become a problem though, any advice? I am so glad winter break is almost here!!! Besides that he is doing great, no complaints from his teacher. I let him watch the Wiggles in my room yesterday while we cuddled in bed. He thought that was neat, but not as neat as sitting in daddy's laundry basket :)

Cooper is so funny. Today I bought some Christmas window clings to decorate with. I was putting them up and he was really interested, so I started naming stuff for him. Tree, bear, know. Next thing I know he is pointing to the doll and saying "daddy"! What? What does Daddy have in common with a little blonde doll in a blue dress? Then I realized... Dad-dy...Dol-ly, and yesterday I swear he called Portia "daddy" twice..."Dog-gy". So I guess to Cooper any word that starts with a "D" and ends in a "Y" is Daddy. Can't wait to hear what his speech teacher has to say about this one.

Tommorow is the big Holiday Musical at his school. Hopefully I will have some video to share!