Thursday, November 5, 2009

Being sick has been great for Cooper! He has been talking up a storm for days now :) Today I was doing something important on my computer and he was trying to climb on my back so I told him to "wait", he thought that was funny and starting saying "wait" over and over as he continued to climb on me. Then later I was tickling him and I always say "tickle, tickle", but today when I stopped he looked up at me and said "tickle"! Since the kids are both not feeling great we were watching lots of videos today. Cooper was watching Baby Signing Times and they were singing about Grandmas. He got all excited and said "Donna"! Which is awesome because one of his many grandmas is named Donna. And then he was reading one of Quinn's library books about Halloween and not being too gentle with it. I decided to give him his other Halloween book to try and distract him. He was super excited to have not one but two Halloween books and he started saying something in a very sing-songy manner. I listed very closely and realized he was actually saying "Trick or Treat"! Wow, that one really blew me away :)

Quinn seems to be feeling much better today. He ate well and was back to getting into everything. He did start falling apart near bedtime but maybe he was just tired.