Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The boys finally got back to horseback riding today! They were both pretty happy to be there, but Quinn's excitement was tempered by his hitting his mouth on a table right before riding. Poor baby, he was bleeding and everything but he got over it as soon as he saw it was time to get on the horse. It was very muddy at the stables, yuck! I can't wait for better riding weather.

Quinn's aide said he had a very good day and even initiated some affectionate cuddling with her! He has been doing a little better with that at home too lately.

Cooper had a good day. He was in a fantastic mood all day long. Unfortunately, he was not in the mood to cooperate with his ABA therapist, but that is how it is some days when you work with three year olds. He smiled and laughed through his whole session but didn't manage to get a whole lot done besides finishing off a whole pound of grapes! Even tonight right up until bedtime he was smiley and giggly and full of energy. It was weird, but nice at the same time.