Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yesterday Cooper finally got to go back to school! I thought he might have a rough time adjusting back, but he was fine and the teacher said he was really happy. Of course he didn't get to go today because we had more testing at Kennedy Krieger. He enjoys it though and today he was really good and had a good time. We should be done for a little while now at least. He did a great job during his afternoon therapy too and was in a great mood all day...until around 6 o'clock. That was when he lost it, it is usually when he does. He still needs a nap but there is no time to have one so he falls apart. Poor baby, poor mommy!

Quinn's IEP was yesterday. It went very well and the school agreed to add an hour of one on one discrete trial training (similar to ABA therapy) everyday. They are going to train his personal aide to do it, which is wonderful because she is a very smart and capable person (plus she loves Quinn). The school psychologist feels that Quinn likely has ADHD, which I agree with. We are going to see the doctor on 3/11 to find out about starting medication for him. I will do anything that helps even a little bit at this point. Even though Quinn hasn't made a lot of advances in his communication, it was clear from his IEP meeting that he has actually reached many goals in other areas. This last six months have been the best yet for him educationally and I am so glad I decided to move him to the special school.

We are now working on putting Quinn on the potty at home. Not really trying to train him yet, just getting him used to it. He has been peeing in the potty an average of one time a day! Today he went twice!!! He is such a good boy!!!