Friday, February 19, 2010

Today Cooper finally got out of the house! We got the car loose and went to Loyola for speech. He was so excited to be there! We were waiting in the waiting room and a therapist that wasn't his came out. He was looking up at her expectantly hoping she would bring him back. When she saw him she said "Hi Sweetie", and Cooper said right back to her "Hi....Sweetie!" I know he was just repeating what she said but it was so cute that he called a girl sweetie :) Anyway, he had a great session and also did great during ABA therapy this morning. He is such a good boy, and super smart too!!

Quinn seemed to have a good day at school. He was very happy when he got off the bus. They must have had a belated Valentines party today because he had a bag full of cards and treats. Cooper and I both really enjoyed the treats :) I put him on the potty three times again today and he did pee once. I love how proud of himself he is when he pees on the potty! You can really see the pride in his face. His OT and PT both called today to discuss his progress. His OT said that he is truly amazing when it comes to fine motor skills. She said he can do anything as long as it is to get to something he really wants....tell me about it! She also said this whole shaking things and throwing them on the floor just to make a loud noise is a developmental phase, I hope she is right and that this phase is over soon, oy! Both therapists felt that he has made a lot of great improvements since the beginning of the year, which is really nice to hear. I wish his speech teacher could have said the same thing :( Oh well, such is life....