Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Go Away!

Another day at home for me and the boys. This afternoon I took Quinn upstairs to change a dirty diaper and Cooper decided to come up too. Cooper ran to his room and started playing, his room is one of his favorite places. That is where his blankies live after all :) Quinn also happens to love Cooper's room, probably because he doesn't get to go in it too often. So after I changed Quinn's diaper he took off down the hallway to check out Cooper's room. Surprisingly, Cooper was happy to have him there. Quinn actually brought one of his books with him, but dropped it when he found something more interesting to play with in Cooper's room. Cooper picked it up and ran back to Quinn's room to put it back, so cute!!! So both my boys were playing happily in Cooper's room and I figured I would join them. Nope! Cooper would not let me in the room! Every time I tried to go in there he would push me back out the door and laugh. I guess he wanted to be alone with his brother :) It was very cute and Cooper got lots of practice saying important terms like "no" and "go away".

Quinn's nose was a bit better today. He certainly had lots of energy to get into lots of trouble today. He even managed to escape from the playroom while Cooper's ABA therapist was here. I hope he is all better by this weekend so we can all be healthy while we are snowed in together.