Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Water Main Break

Apparently there was a major water main break right near Quinn's school today. He may have tommorow off. Damn you Baltimore and your crappy water pipes, if it weren't for you Cooper would have a different birthday!! I still get a little freaked out everytime I hear the words "water, main, and break" together...ahhh memories...

So we have a diaper rash epidemic here right now. Cooper has a horrible rash and apparently it was soooo bad that he just couldn't handle school today. I had to go pick him up because he wouldn't stop crying. Of course he was just fine the rest of the day. He did well at ABA therapy and was his normal cute sweet self. This afternoon we were down in the office and the phone rang. He turned and looked right at the phone and said clear as day "Who is it?". Now where did he get that from???? I don't ever say that, maybe they say it while they are pretending at school or something? It was pretty darn cute :) Oh, Quinn has a little rash too and his school also called, but just to ask if it was okay to put cream on it. Oy!

Quinn is still not eating very well, actually the only thing he eats well is his baby cereal. Tonight at dinner he knocked the fork out of Grandma Berta's hand while she was trying to feed him a hotdog. Then he wasn't paying attention and knocked the cereal spoon out of her hand also. Except this time instead of throwing it onto the floor he picked the spoon up carefully and very politely handed it back to her! It was so funny! This kid knows exactly what he is doing! LOL!