Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still Sick

Quinn is still sick, in fact I think he is getting worse! He is very very snotty and is still coughing. Poor baby, he did eat a very good dinner tonight but his appetite hasn't been the same the last few days. I don't think he will be going back to school this week, which sucks because he needs it and I need it! His new favorite thing to do is take the pile of crackers I put on the table for him in his hands and walk into the living room with it. He used to sit nicely at the table to snack, but today he kept carrying the snacks into the living room dropping pieces along the way and stepping on them as he went. Oy! Even I felt the need to sweep that up! I put him in his highchair with a snack while I went out to the bus to get Cooper. When we got back in he had reached over and grabbed the lights off the tree and was chewing on them! least it made me get my butt in gear and we finally took the tree down tonight.

Cooper is such a good boy. He made a necklace at school and he came home wearing it, it was so cute. It was bath night so he got to eat his favorite meal, Chef Boyardee ABC123's minus the meatballs. It is only allowed on bath nights because he will only eat it with his hands one letter/number at a time and it is minus the meatballs because he won't eat them, but Quinn loves them! He must have been getting full because he decided to feed one to Portia, it was so cute how he held it out for her and then he laughed when she ate it out of his hand. I am a little surprised she didn't bite him, good thing it wasn't a meatball!

We didn't go to horseback riding today because Quinn is sick and it was freezing. I hope we are all healthy next week and it would be nice if it was a little warmer too!