Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Good Weekend

We had a good weekend here. Cooper got better and Quinn did not get sick! The only one who threw up was Portia (which Cooper found absolutely hillarious)! While Quinn hasn't been sick I am a little concerned about him. His apppetite has gone completely out the window! He is eating, but is no longer intrested in snacking (which used to be what his life revolved around) and acts like hot dogs are totally gross (they used to be his favorite food!). I will give him some time, maybe this will pass.

Cooper had a very good and verbal weekend! He is suddenly repeating everything! This is very new and I hope it develops into him saying more things on his own. It is just so nice to hear his voice so often, I may be biased but I think Cooper has the most beautiful little voice in the whole world :)

Tommorow is MLK day so no school or work for Daddy! Cooper still has therapy and we are planning on taking Quinn to get a blood test (so long overdue!), and check out some new glasses. We are definately going to get him a pair of backup glasses, hopefully the indestructable kind!