Friday, January 29, 2010

Today the boys didn't have school, that meant Quinn had the day off but Cooper didn't! First of all Loyola speech started again today. I told Cooper in front of Quinn that we were going to Loyola and apparently that really upset Quinn. I feel bad, I know Quinn has always loved going to Loyola but he just doesn't have time now that he is in school all day. Quinn stayed behind with Grandma Berta, which Cooper didn't like at all, he wanted her to come with us. Oh well, as soon as we got to Loyola he was all smiles! When his new therapist came out to get him he grabbed her hand and dragged her back to the room to get started. He did lots of great talking and the supervisor was really shocked by how much he has progressed in just the last month! Yay!!! I was really excited because the therapist handed him a babydoll and told him to give it a hug, Cooper actually hugged the doll tight and said "hug"! That is officially pretend play!! Plus maybe it means he will be ready for a baby sister soon??? After that we came home and he had ABA therapy. His new therapist is really great with him and he doing fabulous :)

Quinn has been doing okay. I think he has been having some stomach issues but otherwise he has been really happy and pretty well behaved. He was really good today about staying out of the way while Cooper's therapist was here. He had a fantastic time at horseback riding the other day. He was sooo excited to be back on the horse! What a sweet boy :)