Thursday, January 7, 2010

School better be closed tommorow, there is already a good amount of snow out there! I wonder if I should even bother setting my alarm to check, I already know Quinn isn't going and if there is even a delay Cooper won't have school.

Poor Quinny, he is so bored not going to school! I hope he is better enough on Saturday to go out with his grandparents and I hope there isn't too much snow to go out. We both could use a night out after a week like this! And poor Cooper, his lips (well actually the area around his lips) are so chapped that he started bleeding a little today. I have been struggling with him the last few days to let me put Chapstick on him but today he just sat there like the little angel he is and let me. He also didn't need to be held when I cut his nails, he is such a good boy!

The note his teacher sent home from school said Cooper was trying to play with some of the other kids in his class today! I have noticed him trying with Quinn more often too lately. Yay Cooper! Today his ABA therapist came over and she was going through action flash cards with him. They were a little tough so he wasn't getting any of them on the first try. But then she got to the picture where the people were hugging and Cooper said "Hug!" I thought is was so sweet that he instantly recognized that one, he does get lots of hugs around here :)


datri said...

Kayla actually doesn't mind not being in school. That's because I just let her do her stimmy thing on her musical flashing toys all day. Maybe I'm a wimpy mommy, but I much prefer her laughing to her toys than screaming when I make her do "work".