Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I took Quinn to the doctor today even though I thought it was silly. The doctor saw him and said he was fine. No ear infections, no sinus infection, chest all good etc. She gave me a note that said he can go back to school. If he is fussy at school they can just deal with it, he can't just stay home forever because he isn't 100%. I was very proud of how good he was at the doctors. He even stood on the scale for a second, he weighs 43 pounds!!! They left us in the room and he took one look at the little doctors stool with the wheels on it and went right for it. Apparently it reminded him of the scooters they use at school because he layed down on it and pushed off with his feet and went rolling all over that tiny little room! It was pretty cute and he was having a great time, I wish I had a video camera with me.

Cooper had a good day at school, his teacher wrote that he is using more words without having to be bribed! He had ABA this evening and tommorow his new therapist is supposed to start. We will see what happens with that, it will be nice for him not to have to work so late we have been going until 6:30 every night lately!