Monday, January 11, 2010

Crappy Monday!

Well, I already knew my Monday was going to be crappy because the first thing on my schedule was an IV infusion. What I didn't expect was to get home (totally exhausted and ready to pass out from my medicine) and have a message waiting from Quinn's school nurse. Apparently even though he was acting completely normal and mostly healthy at home, once I sent him to school he became "uncomfortable", " inconsolable", and began exuding "thick yellow mucus". So I raced over to pick him up before I really did pass out, and he was fine. He has been fine since I put him in the car and brought him home, not even a little snotty. WTF?? I am seriously confused, he is missing way too much school. So tommorow the plan is to take him to the doctor and get the ok to send him back to school, then they will just have to deal with him.

Cooper had a good day at school and then thoroughly enjoyed playing with Grandma Berta while Mommy slept off her medicine. Grandma made the rookie mistake of cleaning up his toys in front of him though. He made sure to completely clear the bookcase off before he went to bed. It just doesn't pay to clean up around here!! Cooper had ABA this afternoon. He did a good job. They were going through flashcards and got to Q, it was a Quarter and he didn't know that word, so he looked at the Q and said "Quinn". What a smarty pants!