Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bad Blogger

Sorry! I have been a very bad blogger and I know it. I will try to do better, it is one of my New Years resolutions :)

The holidays this year went soooo much better than last year. Quinn was like a whole new boy this year. Last year he cried a lot at family gatherings or just went and hid in a corner. This year he was happy to be there surrounded by his family, it was a wonderful and welcome change. Buying gifts for him is very challenging, but many of the things he recieved he really likes and plays with (even if they are for much younger children). He loves the leapfrog letter spinner and the See and Say he got, of course he loves the slinkys and jumpropes he got too. He loves the Christmas tree (yes it is still up) and one of the only ways to get him to sit still is to turn on the lights. I knew Quinn was doing better since he started at his new school, but all the craziness of the holidays just made it clearer to me that he is in such a better place now.

Now, when I think about how far Cooper has come in the last year I just can't believe it! They told me that by this time he would be labling things with actual verbalized words, but I honestly did not believe it. They were right! He will lable pretty much anything and can repeat anything you ask him to. I even got him to say "Merry Chirstmas" a few times! He enjoyed the holidays a lot this year and is now a champion unwrapper. His favorites are his laptop, the Cariboo game, and his Stomp 123! He has even come to terms with the fact that we just can't find the "1" on that game. He seems to be starting to try and say some sentences. Grandma Jan supposedly heard him say "Time to go bye-bye" and "I like Mcdonalds" :) Today I am pretty sure he said "Quinn is here!" as he pointed to his brothers room (Quinn isn't usually here but he was home sick). He also said "Poopy Diaper" to Matt last night when Matt told him he need to get changed. He is also a lot calmer and handles stuff better now. He used to freak out and cry if he spilled his drink, now he says the cutest "Oops" and that is it. He is also sharing with his brother, which is amazing.

I know there is tons more to update and I hope there will be more new stuff everyday. I am going to try harder to post it on the blog, I swear!


Anonymous said...

I for one am very happy to hear that because I check a few times a day. G G Berta

datri said...

Glad that Quinn had a good Christmas. Kayla did, too, for the first time. She got a regular See and Say also. I didn't know if she would be able to figure it out, but of course she did. And she plays with it even though it doesn't have lights and only rarely makes music!