Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Cooper shocked us all today by throwing up all over the place as soon as we got home from horseback riding. He almost never throws up!! I think it shocked him more than anyone, poor baby. I don't know what it was, maybe too much trotting? I hope it isn't a virus, but he didn't do it again and he went back to his usual happy energetic self pretty quickly. And thankfully my mom was here so she cleaned up the vomit (love you mom!). If he doesn't do it again before it is time for school tommorow I am just going to send him, I am soooo sick of having kids home sick from school!

Quinn went back to school today with a doctors note (that said "Quinn can return to daycare" :P), and an email to his teacher that Mommy did not want to be called unless he had a fever :) Sorry, but he is just missing too much school and he needs to toughen up. They said he had an alright day but was a little fussy and hit one of the other boys. They also said they cleaned his nose really well and then put vaseline on his nose, apparently he didn't like that.....really? I am shocked....that is why his nose looks like it does in the first place, duh!

Both the boys did pretty well at horseback riding even though we had to ride inside because of the cold. Cooper independently requested the brush and to trot, he really did do an awful lot of trotting today I wonder if that just unsettled his stomach. He also showed off his new skill for his therapist "What does the horse say?" "neigh" I made that small because it is Cooper saying it and he always whispers :)