Friday, January 8, 2010

Thankfully school was delayed two hours today, because no I did not set my alarm. So I had the day at home with both my boys which was somehow easier than being here with just Quinn. Quinn is feeling a little better I think, he is just still a bit snotty. He was better behaved today, actually sat and watched TV for a while, and actually listened to me when I told him no. He still sat on the table multiple times, but he obviously does that for attention since he gets all excited and has a big smile on his face when he sees me coming over to get him down :)

Cooper had ABA today, just for a little while though, his therapist said she was really tired so went home early (I think she had a date). I don't blame her really, she just started student teaching full time and then she comes straight here and works with Cooper for two hours! I would be tired too. She was a bit dressed up with a nice scarf on since she just came from work. She was playing with Cooper and took her scarf off and put it on him. He loved that (I bet he thought it was a blanky), and was super excited she did it. Then she took it back, put it back on, and said "Megan wear scarf", Cooper's instant and unprompted response was to reach back out for it and say "Cooper wear scarf"!!!! Isn't that awesome?? :) Somebody get this kid a scarf! :)