Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Well, Cooper surprised us all this morning by being an excellent little patient! Even though he must have been very hungry he was very happy to go to the hospital. I think he liked the idea of going somewhere special with just Mommy and Daddy. Then when we put him in his little gown and they made us wait for almost an hour he stood quiety and watched a DVD. He even cooperated when they went to take his temperature! When it was time for surgery I took him back and the nurse showed him the mask. He was really interested in that mask with the bubble gum flavored sleepy air coming out of it! He started examining it , chewing on it, and playing with the air. The nurses all thought that was really funny and they said it didn't matter if he breathed the air or ate would still make him go to sleep! They were right, he fell very happily asleep while he was playing with the mask! Since the surgery was so quick and minor he didn't get any IV or anything, the doctor also told us that he could drink right after he woke up. So while we were waiting I made him a bottle. When they brought us back to see him he was very upset, but he saw that bottle, grabbed it right out of my hands and popped it in his mouth. After that he was in a great mood! We watched one episode of the Wiggles and then it was already time to leave. This surgery was a piece of cake for everyone, thank god!

Cooper has also been in a very good mood all day long, which is unusual for him. He loves the clock puzzle that Grandma Donna brought him and he is really good at it even though it is a little hard. So has the surgery helped his hearing? Tonight we were singing "Row,row, row your boat" and rocking on our chair. He loves that. When the song was over he turned away from me and said really quietly "row, row, row"! Now I am 96% sure that he actually said this, but I couldn't get him to say it again. Whatever he said it was definately to the tune of the song, so that is a start.


Jane said...

WOW! way to go cooper!