Friday, July 11, 2008

Just when I think I can't take anymore...Cooper is suddenly good!

It has been a difficult week with lots to do and both boys testing my patience to its limit. So today we had nothing to do and got to hang out at home. Well, Cooper must have known I needed a break because he was such a good boy today! First he let me sleep in late, then he didn't really fuss all day and was super cooperative. Cooper? Yes, Cooper! He let me put him in his Rifton chair and we tried painting with water for the first time. He actually liked it and did a really good job, even though he really just wanted to splash the water everywhere he let me show him how to use the brush and did it a bunch of times all by himself. Then we colored with markers and he actually made some marks on the paper! After that he was covered with paint and markers so we went to the bathroom to wash our hands. I figured since we were there (and on a roll) we would try brushing our teeth again. Well, Cooper loves to brush his teeth and actually isn't half bad at it for a two year old. But.....he never wants to give me back the toothbrush and ususally throws a huge fit when I take it from him. Not today, today he gave it to me willingly with a big (clean) smile on his face. What else? He didn't need a bottle until very late this afternoon, instead he settled willingly for a sippy cup. He sat down and let me read him half a book. He took his apple off the table and ate most of it while walking around and barely spit any out. He was just such a good boy! I guess I will keep him afterall ;)

Of course when sat down to dinner he managed to drive his father totally nuts by continuously kicking the table and knocking it out of place. It didn't really bother me though, I wasn't sitting opposite of him (Matt was), and he sat happily through most of dinner because he thought it was soooo funny kicking the table.

Quinn was good today too, except he fell asleep on the sofa again and I couldn't wake him up. So he took a nap and then couldn't fall asleep when it was bedtime. Quinn is always a good boy though. He tries my patience in totally different and less direct ways than Cooper does.