Friday, July 18, 2008

A Good Day

We had a pretty good day here today. This morning Cooper's speech therapist came over and she got him to repeat the word "daddy"! She was also thrilled with all the new sounds he is making since his surgery. At one point she was looking at a book with Cooper and she pointed to the bear and said "bear" and what do you know...from across the room came a very clear sounding "bear" from Quinn!!! We both heard it and were pretty shocked. He has 6 hours of speech camp a week and the first word he decides to say is during Cooper's speech session? I guess he just wanted to show up his little brother. Of course, I haven't gotten him to say it again, but he definately said it and it couldn't have been a coincidence.

After that I took Cooper in for his post-op appointment for his tubes. The doctor said the ears looked great and they retested his hearing and it is now in the normal range! So all good news there. It was pretty funny because when the doctor pulled out the thing to look in Cooper's ears, Cooper grabbed it from him and stuck it in his own ear! I think this is a result of Dr. Crawford letting him play with his ear thingy at his yearly check up. It would have been great if Cooper would have let him take it back to turn the light on, but when he tried to do that Cooper wasn't happy. So I had to hold him down and he was very unhappy for a few minutes. Oh well, what do you expect when you schedule a doctors appointment during naptime?