Friday, July 25, 2008

My boys are so good!

Quinn didn't use a sippy cup at all today! He drank entirely through a straw!!! Why a straw? His messy eating is becoming more of a problem so I asked at speech camp the other day what we could do to help it. The answer was to have him start drinking from a straw because that would work important muscles that would help keep him mouth shut when he chewed. I wasn't sure he would be willing to try the straw but he did great! Tommorow we might try a straw cup that has a valve in it and see how that goes.

Cooper was also a very good boy today. We went to get his blood taken, yes again! I got a horrible phone call last night that there was a problem with the lab and they needed another sample. I was very upset that we had to put Cooper through that again but he handled it very well considering. I told him that is it, if they need anymore of his blood they are out of luck!

Cooper also discovered that he really loves Nerds today. Not "nerd" like his daddy, "nerd" like the candy. Oh the things his cousins are teaching him :)