Monday, July 7, 2008

Today was a very busy day for Quinn. This morning I took him over to his elementary school for a half hour of speech therapy. We chose not to send him to summer school this year (so he could go to speech camp amoung other reasons), but he apparently still gets some services. His new speech therapist seemed very nice, although Quinn never cooperates during the first session. She thinks he said "hat" while he was playing with the Mr. Potatohead...but I am not so sure.

After speech Quinn had his yearly checkup at the doctors. He was in a good mood the whole time and very cooperative. The only problem I had was he kept trying to escape from the waiting room. Dr. Crawford said he was doing great. He is 25th percentile in both height and weight on the typical growth chart, which is excellent. I had a talk with the doctor about his development and once again, he wasn't concerned. He reminded me that his own son with Down Syndrome didn't talk until he was 6 or 7 years old. And I now know for sure his son talks very well since we sat next to them in a restraunt a few months ago! He also told me there was no correlation between being a late bloomer (which Quinn certainly is), and how advanced he might be as an adult. That is definately comforting. I also asked about the spit up. He said there isn't anything wrong and he thinks he will still grow out of it. He said the oldest kid he has seen that still spits up is we just have to hang in there a few more years! After we were done with the doctor the nurse came in to give Quinn his 4 booster shots. He didn't cry at all, he actually giggled! Yup, my silly guy giggled through all 4 shots! Afterwards I overheard the nurse saying she wished they were all like that! What a good boy :)