Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have been trying to get Cooper to stack blocks. I know he can do it, but he has to do it in front of his darn therapists or "it doesn't count". Last night I was trying very hard to get him to stack blocks on demand and instead he started throwing the hard wooden blocks up in the air so he could watch them fall. In the interest of noone getting their heads cracked open I told him very seriously that he needed to stop. Then I started picking up the blocks and putting them back in their bin and told Cooper to help me put away the blocks. Now, I fully expected him to continue to throw them in the air but you have to try. The thing is...he listened! He started picking up blocks and putting them in the bin. I know it is little, but I was so proud of him. Then today his OT came over and he blew her away with how well he stacked the blocks, yay! He even took turns with her building a tower and he got extra credit for that :)

Also, I bought him an alphabet puzzle the other day which is much harder than I anticipated. So while I have to say the alphabet in my head to put the pieces in right, Cooper is pretty good at it (considering that I am pretty sure he does not actually know the alphabet yet).

I had a meeting with the girls who are doing Quinn's speech camp on Tuesday. It was to go over how he did because tommorow is the last day. For the first time in a long time they had lots of accomplishments to report! He has been signing "more" "eat" and "fish" on his own with no prompting. He can identify his name when he sees it in print (they have name tags on their chairs and he hasn't sat in anyone elses chair in weeks). They are also starting to use a communication board with him and he took to it suprisingly well. Oh yeah, he can now drink out of a straw but I take total credit for that one :)

One more thing, we have stopped giving Cooper dairy for now. He has been having some stomach problems and there is stuff on the internet that suggests it may help his delays. We shall see, he seems to be adjusting well to soy milk and I bought him some "rice cream".