Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This morning we took Grandma Berta to an appointment. We had to wait in a very crowded, very large waiting room. Quinn, my angel, sat down in a chair and looked at books the whole time. Cooper, my devil, ran around the whole waiting room for almost an hour entertaining everyone (everyone except his mommy) with his antics. He found a bunch of wheelchairs and tried repeatedly to get them to move. Thankfully there was noone sitting in said wheelchairs and their wheels were locked. Besides that he just ran around and around bumping into people and making funny sounds. Then he decided he was done with the waiting room and I swear he said "go,go,go!" So we left Grandma Berta to wait and went and sat in the car.

After we dropped off Grandma and Quinn, Cooper and I went to get his blood test done. He needs a lead test before he starts preschool this fall. He did not enjoy the actual blood taking, but it was done quickly and he did an excellent job. He made his mommy very proud.

The cousins came by for a short time tonight and Quinn really enjoyed cuddling with Emilia and watching Robot Chicken with the boys. Cooper was still napping so he didn't even know they were here.

Tonight after dinner I gave Cooper some ice cream. I put it in a bowl and tried to encourage him to use a spoon himself. He did a really good job and enjoyed it. Of course we did this after our new nightly ritual of practicing drinking from an open cup. He did great with that tonight, picking up the cup himself and even tilting his head back to get the last drops. He didn't even spill!

So if you don't believe Cooper is weird, how is this for evidence? As he was finishing his ice cream I was cleaning up from our taco dinner. Cooper refuses to eat almost all foods that aren't fruit, sweets, or snacks so he didn't eat any tacos. I guess I left the bowl of scallions a little too close to him because I walked back into the dining room to see him happily snacking on chopped scallions!!! Yuck! All the things this boy won't eat and he choses raw chopped scallions? He loved them and ate almost all of them that were left in the bowl. I noticed he prefered the white part to the green, what a freak! I love my little freak though! :)