Friday, July 4, 2008

Today was the Fourth of July and the local parade goes by only blocks from our house. Unfortunately, it goes by right in the middle of Cooper's naptime and I am not sure how the kids would react to all that noise, so instead we just sat around and watched all the other families park in front of our house to walk to the parade. Oh well, maybe next year.

Since Daddy was home today we all went out back and played outside which made the kids very happy. I pulled the water table out from the wall so each kid could have his own side and that went much better. I also gave them a new water toy, a small watering can I found. That didn't go so well, Cooper wanted it, Quinn wanted it, and this time Quinn wasn't letting it go! It was okay because Quinn always gets bored with the water table before Cooper does. So Quinn went off to swing with Daddy and I watched Cooper do the goofiest thing! He decided that he was going to put his entire face in the water! He laid his face completely down in the water table and then after a few seconds pulled it back out and said "Aye, aye, aye!" So of course I laughed, and then he did it twenty more times! What a goof, I think we may be needing earplugs this summer after all, he is a natural swimmer.

What else did Cooper say today? Well, he said "bubbles"! And yesterday when Matt came home he said "Dada"! I think these tubes are really helping, of course we have yet to hear the same word twice and Cooper always turns away before saying something, but it's a start.