Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our weekend was pretty good. We all really missed Grandma Jan and Grandpa Don!

On Saturday we took the kids to Arundel Mills Mall for a family date night. As soon as we turned into the parking lot Quinn fell asleep. I hate when he does that! So we put him in the stroller and let Cooper walk. Quinn was really asleep because he didn't even object when we put him in his stroller. We went to Chevy's for dinner and Quinn slept through the whole meal! Thankfully they put us at a table that had the perfect little corner to push the stroller into. I think Cooper really liked having us to himself while Quinn slept. Last week when we went out to dinner Cooper wouldn't eat anything, this time he ate all the fries and all the fruit! He seemed to really like that the ketchup came in a little cup (they don't keep ketchup on the tables at Mexican restraunts). The best part? At Chevy's kids meals come with a free ice cream cone! He wasn't sure at first, it looks different than your typical ice cream cone, but once I showed him what to do he was really into it. Then he started eating it from the bottom and painting the table with ice cream, but that is okay at least he was happy.

After dinner we went to Outdoor World and watched the fish. Cooper was really that, he loves fish. At this point I woke up Quinn but all he wanted to do was cuddle. That was fine, they have lots of benches to cuddle on there. The only problem we had was that Quinn didn't want to walk at all. I think it was because I put on his sneakers and suresteps for the first time in a long while. Those suresteps seem to be too small for him now :( I will probably wait until school starts again and discuss this new issue with his PT. Untill then, sandals!

Today we didn't do much, just hung out. Quinn and Cooper fought over who got to cuddle with their daddy, their new thing. They both refused to take naps and Cooper was extra cranky. We have another busy week ahead of us!