Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cooper: I guess I have been too rough on my Grandpa Don and today was the last straw. We were playing at the playground and I think I broke his back!! I was running down a hill and yanking on his arm and the next thing you know....Grandpa was very unhappy. Mommy says his back isn't broken, just really hurt but if it isn't broken why did those nice men have to carry him into the house from the car? He is in so much pain he can't even get out of bed to go to the bathroom! Grandpa, if you need to borrow some diapers just let me know, I never have to get out of bed to pee! So besides this all really sucking for Grandpa, it is really bad timing. My Aunt Stacey is just about ready to pop her baby out and Grandpa Don and Grandma Jan were supposed to go visit them. Aunt Stacey, if you are reading this, Mommy says cross your legs :) Grandpa is gonna need at least a week to recover and then Mommy says no more carrying us kids everywhere.

Quinn: Cooper is always messing stuff up, and now he broke my Grandpa Don! Darn it! When it was time to leave tonight I didn't even want to walk to the car with Mommy. Grandpa usually takes me and it just wasn't the same. I hope you feel better really soon Grandpa, cause I love you lots and lots and don't want you to be in pain. Hugs and cuddles from your favorite grandson (the one that didn't break you).