Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today was a good day. I had a meeting with Cooper's head ABA therapist and he is doing great. She said his eye contact, which was such a problem just five short months ago is no longer an issue. They had to stop recording his appropriate use of eye contact because all of his therapists complained that they couldn't keep up! Lack of eye contact...cured. Next stop...talking! She also felt that Cooper would benefit from being in the least restricted class when he turns three so he will probably be in the same class Quinn is in now. She is going to come to our IEP (or the head of the center will come) and help us convince Baltimore County to pay for at least some of our ABA therapy. She also told me that since I have started taking Cooper to the playground for a short break between schools he has stopped crying and is much calmer and happier. That means more learning time so that is great. I just have to get him to stop crying when we have to leave the playground to go to school #2, that is both stressful and embarrasing.

Quinn had horseback riding therapy today and he did great. He couldn't wait to get on the horse and when they turned him backwards he pushed up instead of just laying his head down like he usually does. He was also putting out his hands for his therapist to sign "go" with him, which means he is starting to get that the sign is important and may start doing it on his own soon. She also did this new thing where they put him off balance on the horse and he has to correct himself. Well, he was fantastic at that, he is also doing well with standing up and riding in the stirrups. We saw a little boy with DS there that we used to know a long time ago. He is a year older than Quinn and his mom told him to "Say hi to Amy". He looked right at me and said "Hi, Maimy".... sigh....Oh how I wish Quinn could do things like that. On my long ride home I thought about it and I felt the same way when this little boy was walking and Quinn wasn't. I suppose there is still hope, we just can't give up yet. He is making some progress, he has actually started to listen to me when I tell him "no", never thought that would happen! ":)