Thursday, March 12, 2009

The boys had good days today. This morning, after I picked Cooper up from school we had our first "in center training" at KKI. It was good, they gave me some information and watched me play with Cooper then gave me some tips on engaging him. I thought Cooper would be upset since he had to leave class a little early and right in the middle of snacktime, but he handled it really well. He liked all the new toys in the room we went to and didn't even touch any of his favorite toys from class that Ms. Kerri brought with her.

This afternoon both boys had speech at Loyola. Quinn always gets so excited when we go there, he loves it! Cooper did a good job especially in the motor room. He is very into swings lately and I was worried he would freak out when they had to leave and go back to the therapy room. He handled that great too, he is definatly getting better at transitions. Quinn continues to make very slow but steady progress there. They are working on making choices from two pictures and while he does great when it is a highly motivating picture (like the swing) he needs work on it in general.

Tonight I ordered a few "union suits" for Quinn. He needs to be in a one piece at night so he can't get into his diaper, but he has really grown out of his onesies and footed pajamas. They don't make things like that for big boys. But thanks to the internet I have discovered something called a union suit that is one piece long underwear. You know the old fashioned kind with the flap in the back? They come in his size so we will see how it goes. I may have to sew up the back but that is easier than trying to sew a onesie from scratch. In the meantime I had to cut the feet off one of his footy pajamas tonight. I swear he has shot up 2 inches in the last week!