Monday, March 2, 2009

This weekend we headed out to Lancaster, PA and spent the night at the HoJo's. Why would we do that you ask? Well, this particular HoJo's has an indoor waterpark and Grandma Jan and Grandpa Don insisted we take the kids there. It was nice, like a mini (and much less expensive) Great Wolfe Lodge. It was not however 84 degrees as the sign outside promised, it was much chillier than that. Cooper didn't care one bit though. He had the time of his life splashing around the pools and going down the water slide over and over. His poor knees and feet are all scratched up now from his hours of romping around in the scratchy pool. He also really enjoyed the fact that there were numbers printed along the sides of the pool, that kid just loves his numbers. Quinn had a great time too. He seemed to like spending some alone time with Mommy and Daddy (Cooper rode with the grandparents). He loved the hotel room, he always has loved hotel rooms it's kinda wierd. He did enjoy splashing around in the pool but seemed to prefer to hang out in the hot tub, just like his mother. Matt had a good time going down the super fast waterslides, no little kids allowed on those. I survived a lovely night of constant vomiting in the equally lovely HoJo's bathroom. Seriously, it brought back fond memories of an unfortunate White Castle experience when I was pregnant with Quinn in a hotel room in Ohio. Apparently I got some of Quinn's stomach virus just in time for vacation :( We are both feeling much better now though, hopefully Cooper will be spared. Thank goodness for well timed snowdays! Pictures from our trip are on their way, just waiting for Grandpa Don to send them.