Friday, March 27, 2009

Cooper had an amazing day! First at ABA therapy he said "open" for his therapist to open his cracker bag. He has said "Op" before but never the whole word. Then he came home and had speech therapy and really amazed us all. She brought him this set of little alphabet board books. Each book was a different letter and had a few pages of pictures that corresponded to the for A, pizza for P. She went through each book with Cooper and asked him to identify each picture by pointing. He did it and he got all of them right! There were even a lot of pictures that I didn't think he would recognize, and he pointed like a champ which is still an emerging skill for him. When she got through all the letters the closed books (which each had a letter on the front) were all spread out on the table. She asked him just for kicks, "where is the pizza?" Well, Cooper looked for a minute, picked up the P book, opened it to the pizza and pointed! I thought maybe that was a fluke since he loves pizza so much. Nope, she kept going and he got them all right! Well, all except W and M those two really confuse him. His teacher was shocked, she asked me "how is this possible?" I just shook my head and said "I think he is just really really smart". It is just crazy to me that a non-verbal 2 year old can do that but can't wave hello. He must either know what letter each word starts with or remember which book he saw the picture in. Either way it was awesome and I am just so proud of my baby.


datri said...

Great job, Cooper! Man, I wish Kayla would DO her ABA sessions without a) screaming b)crying c)laughing hysterically or d)completely ignoring the work. Usually all of the above in one session. Can't seem to find a motivating reinforcer for her. Frustrating.