Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last night was one of those nights. Cooper fell and hit his head, which is usually no big deal. Cooper falls and hits his head at least once a day, he is a major clutz. But last night he hit his head bad and then threw up about 30 minutes later. Cooper never throws up, that was not a good thing. So given the recent news of Natasha Richardson's sudden death, and CNN's constant coverage about head injuries; I called the doctor and they said we had to take Cooper to the Emergency Room :( We left Quinn with Grandma Berta and took Cooper to the hospital. It was 3 hours of waiting and screaming but in the end it all turned out fine. They did a CT scan and told us that Cooper's brain looked completely normal (I almost asked them to look again ;). Cooper hated every minute of being at the hospital and so did his mommy and daddy, but I am glad we had him checked and everything was fine. We all took the morning off today.

Now for some less dramatic news.... Quinn did great at horseback riding today. He was in a great mood and was very interactive with his therapist. Cooper now says something that sounds more like "doggy" and less like "daddy" when he sees Portia. Today at therapy he found a toy wrench and proceeded to tighten each leg of the table with it! So he is either a natural handyman or did some really great pretend play. We can't figure out where he learned to use a wrench, but our best guess is that it must have been a Mouseketool on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at some point.