Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cooper was not himself today. I watched his class this morning and he was visibly tired. He kept yawning and his teacher commented to me that his eyes just looked tired. I have no idea what is going on, he must be getting sick. He survived his afternoon therapy but when he got home he fell asleep on the sofa. Of course he kept getting woken up by his brother and dog, but he kept falling back asleep. That is very unusual. He went to bed a little before 7PM without eating anything and went right to sleep, also very unusual. I don't know if he will be going to school tommorow, we will see what he is like in the morning. Poor Baby.

Quinn on the other hand is feeling much better. He ate non-stop all afternoon and night, I guess he is making up for not eating at all this weekend. He also got into all kinds of trouble so that means he is feeling like himself again. He didn't have school today because of the 2-hour delay but tommorow should be fine, then after we have horseback riding. I think it will have to be inside this week though :(