Monday, March 23, 2009

Cooper did something today that he has never done before! He let me feed him with a spoon!! Seriously, even when he was a baby he would never want me to spoon feed him anything. Today I gave him some yogurt and he decided to let me feed him, I was so excited. Of course, once he got used to it and I tried to give the spoon back to him he said no way. Yes Cooper, sometimes it is just easier to let people do things for you.

I also fed him pizza tonight. That was for a totally different reason. If you give Cooper a piece of pizza he picks all the cheese off and doesn't want the rest. If you hold the pizza and have him take bites he eats both the cheese and the crust. Tonight he ate 3 whole pieces!!! Wow, I have never seen him eat so much real food before, and this was shortly after the yogurt. I hope he isn't growing, he is plenty big enough for a 2 year old already.

Today I had a parent training session at Kennedy Krieger. They passed out the poem "Welcome to Holland". They were one copy short so I declined, I told the group "No thanks, I know all about Holland, I've already been living there for almost five years." No one got it, they hadn't had a chance to read the poem yet. I hate being the veteran special needs mom, but that has become who I am so I may as well accept it. God knows these newbies need help! :)