Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today I attempted to make the ultimate sacrifice for my family. I went to Home Depot and interviewed for the position of "cashier". Why would I do that? Well, apparently the only two companies in the world that have insurance that pays for Cooper's ultra expensive ABA therapy are Home Depot and Microsoft. I am thinking it may be a little tricky for me to get a job at Microsoft, Home Depot is totally doable though. So I went and interviewed and they were about to hire me, but then they mentioned that they were only hiring "temporary employees" which is code for "no benefits". So I didn't take the job. Maybe I will try again later, the manager said that in a few months they may be hiring for actual permanent jobs. Oh well, it was a good idea. I am not sure how I was going to find the time to work at Home Depot and take care of my family and myself anyway. It sure would have been nice to have that therapy paid for though.

I hope that job goes to someone who needs it to put food on their table. There were a lot of people there interviewing that looked like they needed it. It sure says something about the economy when that many people show up to interview to be a cashier at a home improvement store.

This morning I watched Cooper's class. He did good as usual. He did imitate patting his head a few times during his one-on-one time with his teacher, which is big. He also waved once during the "Hello" song but then realized what he was doing and stopped mid-wave. What is up with that? He is soooo painfully shy. He was very cuddly with all his teachers today though, I could literally see their hearts melting through the two-way mirror :) They had an outside teacher observing today and after class she came up to tell me how adorable Cooper is. She didn't say that to any of the other parents ;) My boys are both adorable, that is one gift they have been given to help them on their journey through this oh so difficult life.