Monday, March 9, 2009

Cooper amazes me. He is getting so good at saying his numbers, but tonight he was playing with this teething toy which used to be like a necklace but broke so now it is just a plastic string about 12 inches long. He arranged it on the sofa so that it looked like a "6" and said very clearly, "six"! Now that is crazy smart for any 2 year old, but absolutely ridiculous for a non-verbal two year old. And it isn't just numbers, yesterday he made it back into a circle and said "O" and tonight I think he was saying/making a "D".

Quinn apparently had a great day at school today. His teacher wrote that he seemed much more alert and interactive and he actually signed "more" for them today! That is big, he has never signed anything at school before.

I had my parent training at KKI this morning on PECS. It was very interesting and I think I am going to make books for both boys. The woman giving the training said that Cooper might especially respond well to having the words printed bigger on the each picture after I told her about his interest in letters. I always thought of PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) as an alternative to speech, but today I realized that it can also be a gateway to speech as well as an aide for teaching reading. So the same system could do different things for Quinn and Cooper and seems like it is worth a try. At the very least the boys will like looking at all the little pictures and playing with the velcro :)