Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Dentist

Cooper went to the dentist today after school. Matt came home from work for the occasion since he is my muscle. Cooper was so happy to see his daddy and really excited to be going somewhere just the three of us. It is so cute because on the rare occasion we go out without Quinn, Cooper always insists on holding both of his parents hands the entire time :) He was even still happy when we got to the dentist's office. Then he saw the special playhouse that the dentist has in the waiting room. Cooper remembered the playhouse (and what happened after he played in it last time), and immediately burst into tears. He cried pretty much the whole time we were there :( He calmed down a little when Matt put him on his shoulders and walked around, maybe he felt safe because he knew the dentist couldn't reach him there? Oh well, it was a really difficult appointment and I am so glad Matt was there to help. The dentist said everything looked good with his teeth, except of course his 90% overbite, sigh. Maybe Cooper will mellow out a bit before he has to go back in 6 months. I just hope he gets over this fear of dentists before it is time for braces, because he is definitely going to need braces :(

In other Cooper news, his ABA therapist went to observe him at school today. His teacher thought he did well, but his ABA therapist knows better. She told me she has never seen him act like that. She said it was like he was a zombie. Yup, Cooper acts like a totally different person when he is at school. He is so reserved and uncomfortable there. I don't know what it is, maybe extreme shyness? So his ABA therapist is going to start working with him at school some too which hopefully will really help. He is such an amazing little boy when he is at home and in his element, I just wish he could show some of that at school too.

Not much new with Quinn today. He did stop and give me a huge hug when he got off the bus this afternoon. It was very sweet and was very obviously just a hug, he didn't try to get me to pick him up or anything. He is doing really well lately, I love that little boy!!!