Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eye Doctor

Today we took Quinn to the eye doctor. That was fun, not! Going to the eye doctor involves waiting, followed by struggling (eye drops), then more waiting and even more struggling when the doctor finally examines him. The good news is that I liked this doctor a lot, he is new to us, even though I think he examined Quinn in the NICU once. Also, Quinn's perscription has not changed, so we only have to get one new pair of glasses (since I decided we need a backup). The best news is that the doctor doesn't see any need for surgery at this time or in the future, but that could always change. That is much better than hearing he will need it in the next few years like our last doctor said. This doctor feels that Quinn's eyes are in good shape and actually unusually good for a child with Down Syndrome. As usual, Quinn's eye condition is the opposite of what most kids with DS have. I guess Quinn never got the memo....sigh.

Cooper is still singing his heart out everyday and driving me crazy with worry. The good news is the tune seems to be changing a little everyday so that makes me feel a little better.