Thursday, March 25, 2010

He really loves his letters!

So apparently Cooper has been teaching himself the sign language!!! There is one of those displays at the playground at his school that has the alphabet and next to each letter is a hand showing the sign. His ABA therapist has been going to school with him and has noticed that he is starting to sign some of the letters. What a goofy kid!!! As his therapist said "Cooper is freakishly good at the strangest things". Yup, that pretty much sums it up :)

Today his therapist went to school with him and when he was having trouble concentrating on his art project she recommended they put a tri-fold board in front on him on the table. It worked great and really helped him block out a lot of the distractions. What a great idea!

When I went to get Quinn off the bus today there was a substitute aide. She actually let Quinn fall over and slam his head on the bus drivers seat right in front of me! And I thought his regular aide was bad....she better thank her lucky stars I am not one of "those" mothers. I am not going to call and report her or anything but that should not have happened. Quinn is a trooper and he didn't even cry so it must not have hurt too bad.