Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Talkative Mornings

Cooper has been having really talkative mornings lately! This morning he went over to the sofa and started looking under the blankets etc and saying "book, book, book". Then he found his book and said all happily "Book!". So then he sat down with all of his books and started labeling them "Numbers Book", "ABC Book", etc. It was so cute, I just love to hear him talk. Tonight, he was taking a bath and he hit his head on the soap holder. He started crying and Matt told him "It doesn't hurt that bad", and Cooper stopped crying and looked at him and said "It doesn't?" That's my kid, he can't even really talk yet and he is all ready a smartass :)

The boys both had horseback riding today. They did great and really enjoyed it. Cooper got on the horse the right way for the first time and said lots of words for his therapist. Quinn did a great job with his PECS telling the horse to go. When we walked out to get on the horse there were a few horses out there and Cooper looked around and said "Horses!" I think he is finally starting to get to a place where he feels comfortable saying all the stuff that he usually must just think. He has had so much spontaneous language in the last few days!