Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy World Down Syndrome Day! We didn't celebrate this year. I just can't get into because Quinn is just nothing like the other kids I know who have Down Syndrome :( Sigh....I remember when he was born and we had such high hopes for him...double sigh...

Anyway, last night was date night but Grandma Jan was not feeling well enough to take the kids. So Mommy and Daddy braved a night out just the four of us. It was great! We took the kids to Pizzeria Uno for dinner and they could not have been better behaved. We brought a belt (like the kind you put around your pants) and buckled Quinn into his seat. This was originally his grandparents idea and I was against it, but I figure it works and it looks a lot better than trying to squeeze a 6 year old into a highchair made for a 2 year old. Quinn doesn't mind at all and I think it just reminds him to sit still, he could totally get out of it if he wanted. Cooper never has a problem sitting in his chair, as long as you are feeding him! There were lots of other families with kids there and I can honestly say our two special kids were the best behaved out of the bunch! We all enjoyed dinner very much, and I have to say I think Pizzeria Uno is the boys favorite restaurant :)

After dinner we took them over to the big playground right behind the restaurant, the one in the park and ride. They loved it! It was a beautiful night and the place was packed but both boys had such a great time. They really missed being outside after all this time stuck in the house because of winter.