Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today was a pretty good day!

This morning Cooper and I had our in-center meeting at KKI with Kerry. Kerry tells me how to play with Cooper the "right way". Whatever helps I guess :) Cooper loves it because he loves Kerry and we get to go to one of the Achievements classrooms downstairs, which he also loves. The best thing is that he verbalizes like crazy whenever we go down there. Today I was showing him how to pull the screws out of the toy workbench and I was saying "pull" (because that is what Kerry taught me to do), and he pops out with a perfect "pull" in response! Wow! Kerry heard it too so I am not nuts.

Then I took Quinn to horseback riding this afternoon and he had a great time. Apparently they have a nice riding path through the woods that they like to use when it is sunny. Quinn really enjoyed it, he even got to ride through a stream! When Cooper starts there I will have to warn them, because he will totally jump off the horse and into the stream. He also did an excellent job of handing the "go" PEC to his therapist each time to make the horse go. He has never really gotten it before but today he was an expert! When the lesson was over she untied the holder from the horse and gave the whole thing to him. She said "give it to Mommy" and instead of handing me the whole thing (or ignoring her which is more likely), he pulled the "go" off and handed it to me. It was so cute and awefully smart :)

The best thing that happened today is that it looks like our insurace will start paying for diapers! They will pay 70% for as many as we need for Quinn (good thing Cooper wears the same size). This is really great and will save us sooo much money! We spend a fortune around here on diapers :(