Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cooper's new favorite number is eighteen and it totally cracks me up! He is always running around the house saying "18, 18, 18!" He sounds just like I did when I was a teenager :) I want to get it on video so I can show him when he is 17, for some reason I think he is going to be looking forward to his independence at that point. He also really likes the number sixteen, yup I looked forward to that one too. Yesterday he was having trouble saying it though, it would come out either as a plain "six" or a strange "sheesh". I tried to help him figure out the pronounciation last night and today he finally got it! It isn't as good as 18 but it is close, sounds like "six.....teen", he leaves a cute little pause in the middle :)

Quinn had a great day! He got picked up at school by Grandpa Don and then they went out to lunch at Burger King and then to the playground. He was in a fantastic mood when he got home. And Grandpa Don said that if it is nice out tommorow they can do it all over again! This morning I brought Quinn downstairs and got his morning banana. I put it on the table in front of him while I helped him into his highchair and he looked right at it and said "eat"! Good Job Quinny!


Angie McLean said...

Yeah....Quin saying Eat! Cooper...go on with your "18". So proud of the boys...glad to see that they've had a great week! all should take a step back and know what mountains you've moved and miracles you continue to make on a daily basis with the time, effort and expense. You don't nearly get enough thank you's YET from the boys to tell done continue to inspire us all and make us all love life that much more by your many acts of inspiration and kindness.

You are amazing..know that!
See you soon!