Sunday, May 3, 2009

I can't believe the weekend is over already! The kids are good. Quinn has been extra cuddly all weekend, which we love. Cooper has been Cooper :) We love that too though. Tonight he was very upset at dinner and didn't want any of the food on the table and didn't want to get down. Here is where being able to talk would have come in handy. I finally got out the PECS and he wanted bacon. Once he had his bacon he was just fine...sigh...why can't this kid just say "bacon"??!!!!!

After dinner we videoed him for school. They needed a video of me playing with him before I have my training tomorrow on how to play with him. Oy! I hate being videoed but Cooper didn't mind. It was so cute, in the middle he looked over at Matt and pointed like he was saying "Look Mommy, Daddy has a camera". We played it on the TV afterwards to make sure it worked and he was interested, but not impressed. The video was of him swinging so it must have reminded him that he wanted to swing some more because he ran downstairs in the middle of it.