Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The kids are going back to school tommorow whether they are healthy enough or not! I think they are healthy enought though. Cooper is doing much better and I think Quinn has been on antibiotics long enough now.

I got the most annoying email on one of my "typical kid" listserves. It was someone recommending the tutor they had just hired for their child....their 4 year old child! No, this child was not showing delays. From the sound of it the mom just wanted her to learn enough to be smarter than all the other kindergarteners come fall. Give me a break! I wish I had the luxury of being obnoxious enough to do something like that. All our "tutors" are still focusing on the most basic basics. Ugg, just uggg.


datri said...

I have to say that having Kayla has really gotten me away from the whole "my kid is smarter than your kid" rat race. I will admit that with my older daughter I was like that. I never got a tutor, but all her "toys" were from Discount School Supply or Learning Resources. But now that stuff isn't so important anymore.