Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quinn did great again at horseback riding! He is really starting to get it! He is getting so good at handing the PEC to "go" that he might be ready to add "stop". He loves riding the horse and I don't know much about horseback riding, but his form looks good to me. He must be a natural :) He especially likes it when they put his feet in the stirrups so he can stand up a little...I think it is called posting. He just likes it because it is even more bouncy that way. Cooper goes for his evaluation for riding on June 17th and then he is going to start going regularly too. The woman who runs the center told me that the Autistic kids just can't resist talking to the horses...I hope she is right!

I made one last ditch effort today and called Social Security to try and get help for the kids financially. Nope, we make too much money..even when you factor in two kids with disabilities. More bad news, I was supposed to go look at the afternoon class for Cooper but the teacher had her baby so there will be a substitute...I knew I shouldn't have waited! And Cooper's infants and toddlers teacher is going to be on vacation when they scheduled his next IEP....she was going to be the only friendly face there!!!

Good news, Matt fixed the ice's a freaking miracle!